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Age Range:
6 weeks - 18 months
Areas of Learning:

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Language & Literacy



Our Infant Program is designed to accommodate the needs of every child. We stick to your “home schedule” and encourage your child to grow and explore at their own pace. Our teachers use a differentiated approach to respond appropriately to every stage of your infant’s development. Our infant rooms are positive environments that promote the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of our youngest learners.

Infant Program Overview

Skill 1: Fine & Gross Motor Skills


  • Tummy Time: Builds core muscles.
  • Walkers, Climbing Mats & Bouncers: Encourages muscle coordination in arms, legs, and torso.
  • Blocks, Stacking Rings, Squeeze Toys: Develops hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity, which are essential skills for self-feeding and bottle holding.

Skill 2: Language & Literacy


  • Music: Teaches rhythm and language.
  • Teacher to Child Conversation: Encourages positive socialization experiences and develops vocabulary.
  • Puppets, Storytime, Print & Language Rich Environment: Introduces infants to concepts of literacy and vocabulary.
  • Baby Sign Language: Encourages communication and allows infants to express wants and needs without frustration.

Skill 3: Sensorimotor


  • Rattles & Shakers: Develops rhythm and introduces sounds
  • Water Play: Promotes positive sensory exploration.
  • Introduction to Textures such as Rough, Smooth, Wet, and Dry: Allows infants to explore and develop different senses of touch.
  • Art: Introduces color, promotes self-awareness and expression, builds fine motor skills, and introduces infants to different sensory situations.

Skill 4: Socialization


Being in an environment with other infants introduces each child to new sounds and the presence of new people. Parallel Play is appropriate for this age and is the beginning of peer to peer socialization. Teacher to student interactions develop language as well as provide a loving and nurturing experience.