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Age Range:
18 months - 3 years
Areas of Learning:


Language & Learning

Emergent Math


Fine & Gross Motor

The Toddler Program at Creative Kids is designed to encourage independence and promote social skills. Our teachers create fun and engaging learning experiences that facilitate social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth through GOLD® and The Creative Curriculum®. Our differentiated approach to teaching allows us to progressively build each child’s skills and cater to their unique developmental needs. We want our toddlers to develop skill sets and a sense of independence so they’re ready for preschool and beyond.

Toddler Program Overview

Skill 1: Socialization


  • Role Playing: Promotes conversation among peers and allows children to express themselves as they act out different situations.
  • Whole and Small Group Activities: As toddlers transition from parallel play to peer interaction, it’s important to teach them how to interact with peers and teachers. Our group activities introduce the concept of working as a team, which helps toddlers learn how to take turns and develop patience.


Skill 2: Language & Literacy


  • Environmental Print: Introduces vocabulary and print concepts.
  • Circle Time & Role Play: Modeling and using expressive and receptive vocabulary encourages children to communicate using their words and express their emotions and needs.
  • Puzzles, Puppets & Stories: Develops alphabetic principals as well as vocabulary and print concepts.
  • Music Time: Builds rhythmic and language skills.


Skill 3: Emergent Math


  • Building Blocks, Puzzle, Stacking Games: Develops counting, balance, shape, and colors.
  • Sorting Games: Develops fine motor skills, decision-making abilities, and teaches toddlers how to identify and sort objects by one or more attributes.


Skill 4: Self-Regulation


  • Meal Time: Children are encouraged to eat “family style” and learn how to serve themselves. They also start using utensils and cups, which encourages independence.
  • Role Play: Encourages self-help as they dress up in clothes. They also practice skills such as buttoning and zippering.
  • Storytime: Stories give toddlers examples of different emotions so they can learn to identify and express their feelings.


Skill 5: Fine & Gross Motor


  • Indoors: Activities such as block stacking, small object sorting, and puzzles help toddlers build fine motor muscles.
  • Outdoors: Our outdoor facility encourages gross motor coordination as our toddlers climb, slide, run, and jump.